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Crows in Paris
"Crows in Paris" to see gold leaf/mixed media paintings link
Moonwater detail
"Moonwater detail" to see gold leaf/mixed media relief carvings and installations link
Cypress Moon
"Cyprus moon" to see watercolor paintings link
Iris Eve
"Iris Eve" to see limited edition original japanese woodblocks, etchings, zincblock and lithograph prints link
"Budding" to see limited edition pigment prints link
Mountain Mist
"Mountain Mist" to see artwork for sale link

Suezan Aikins and Sam Rogers live and work by the sea in Nova Scotia, when not exploring and exhibiting on three continents. Retrospectives of their unique atmospheric original woodblock prints have been shown in Canada, the US and England, and have toured in Japan and Germany, where the 25th anniversary of their unique collaboration of artist and master printer was celebrated.

Suezan's goldleaf/mixed media paintings and relief installations, and watercolors, are in many public and private collections in North America, Europe and Asia. Her haiku, tanka and renga have been published internationally and in eight small handmade editions published by Prospect Press.