BORN: Montreal 1952


Nova Scotia, Canada; tel/fax: (902) 852-3154


Yoshida Woodblock Print Studio Tokyo, 84-85
Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax, 74-75 BFA
Ecole du Musee des Beaux Arts, Montreal, 74
Ontario College of Art, Toronto, 71-73
Mt. Allison University, 69-72


25 Year Retrospective of Woodblock Prints traveled to three Public Galleries in Germany: Dornum Castle; Tollhousverein, Leer; Rastede Palace, Oldenberg 2000-2001 color catalog and reviews.
Private Exhibitions, Falmouth, Mass., July 1996; Montreal, November 1996; Gibson Island, Md., April 1999.
Gold Paintings and Woodblock Retrospective, travelling: Kabutoya Gallery, Tokyo; Genkan Gallery, Tokyo American Club; Blue Nile Gallery, Osaka; Kanda's Gallery BOQ, Okinawa; May 1994 (color catalogue)
Edo Gallery, Boston, November 1992, Private Exhibitions, Chatham, Mass, July 1992, Toronto, Oct. 1991
New Paintings and Woodblocks Kabutoya Gallery, Tokyo, May 1991, and also in 1987.
Japanese Garden and Pavilion Foundation, Montreal, September 1990, Ownens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University 1988
Zwickers Gallery, Halifax, NS, 1979; Gallery 78; Fredericton, November, 1983; Robertson Galleries, Ottawa, November, 1982


"A New Leaf" 30 foot instalation of mixed media/ goldleaf reliefs, Artsplace, Annapolis Royal, N.S., 2000 color catalog
"Far and Wide" Juried Bienials, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; 1996 to '99, travelling, catalogs
"Moku Hanga Travelling Exhibition: Contemporary Japanese Woodcuts" Northwest Print Council, Oregon 1997, catalog
Annual CWAJ Print Exhibitions, Tokyo, 1986 to 2001, color catalogs
Ronin Gallery Annual Print Exhibitions, New York City, 1986 to 1996, color catalogs
Group Exhibitions, Webster Galleries, Calgary, 1991 to 2000
Annual International Yoshida Studio Prints, Kabutoya Gallery, Tokyo, 1985 to 2000, some color catalogs
Group Exhibitions, Kanda's Gallery BOQ, Tokyo, 1985 to 1999
Contemporary Woodblocks, Wenniger Gallery, Boston, February, 1992, also solo May, 1996
"Nova Scotia Printmakers," Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 1990 / 1991, travelling
"La Releve: Artists of the 90s," Galerie de Vente et Location, Musee des Beaux Arts, Montreal, June, 1990
"Visual Facts 86," Dalhousie University Gallery, Halifax, December, 1986
"Diverse Perspectives," Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery, September, 1985, catalog
"Atlantic Print Exhibition," Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, May 1983- travelling, catalog
"International Works on Paper," London Regional Art Gallery, April, 1983
"Aikins & Blackwood Watercolors," Galerie Kanesatake, Montreal, June, 1982
"Canadian Landscape," Robertson Galleries, Ottawa, December, 1982
"Canadian Prints," Galerie Kanesatake, Montreal, April, 1981


Canadian Progress Club, 1993 Women of Excellence Award for Culture
Elected Academician, Royal Canadian Academy of Art, 1990
Nova Scotia Department of Culture grants, 1980, 1987, 1988, 2000
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant 1988
Pauline Manning Award for Excellence, 1980


(see catalogs in exhibitions above also)
(to be translated) 5 German newspaper and art magazine reviews June 2000 - March 2001
"Golden Light, discovering the magic of gold" color cover with feature article, Visual Art News, Halifax, winter 1999
"Suezan Aikins" by Fred Harris, Tokyo Weekender, full page, color, May 10, 1991, and May 7, 1994
"Portrait of the Artist as a Contemplative Realist," Visual Arts News, Halifax, Fall, 1994, cover and feature article
"Natural Magic," The Kansai Journal, Spring, 1994, feature article
"Aikins Entices Japanese," Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, June 12, 1994
"Gazing East," The Daily News, Halifax, March 3, 1994, color full page
Magazin Art Internationale, pages 55 to 54, and 65, December, 1991, color, 4 pages
"Canada's Japanese Woodblock Printmaker," Japan Times, October 12, 1991, color, full page
CBC Radio, Prelude Program, interviewed by Deborah Allen, August 23, 1990
CBC TV Seconde Regard Program, 'L'art de Suezan Aikins', September 23, 1990
"Review of Eastern and Western Traditions" p. 21, Arts Atlantic Magazine, Spring, 1989
"Suezan Aikins Paintings," Japan Art Times, May 11, 1987,
"Japanese Art in Nova Scotia: Suezan Aikins" Arts Atlantic Magazine, Summer, 1996
"Suezan Aikins, The Woodblocks," Japan Art Times, October, 1985
Japan Printmaking Quarterly, Summer, 1985, inside back cover, color
"The Fine Art of Printmaking" CBC TV(Aikins, Porter, Silverberg), March, 1982


The Canada Council Art Bank; Hudson Bay Collection; Nickle Art Museum; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Federal Business Development Bank; Nova Scotia Art Bank; Mt.Allison University; Royal Bank of Canada; Bank of America; Manufacturer's Life Insurance Co.; Atlantic Lotto Corp.; Bank of Montreal; Mount Saint Vincent University; Dofasco Innocan Inc.; Mirabaud Canada; Prince Takamadonomiya Norihito; Embassy of Canada, Tokyo; Thomas More Institute, Montreal; Tokai Bank of Canada; etc.

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